Glorcroft, building contractor in Essex. Brooke House
Glorcroft, building contractor in Essex.


We were request by the local authority to carry out remedial repairs to a grade 2 listed building in the town square, Basildon. The building is a tower block consisting of 65 flats on 13 floors the block was constructed in the 60s with aluminium pivot double glazed windows one of the first of its type in the country.


Over the years the window fittings have failed and the double glazed units have begun to break down.


The request was to inspect all the windows totalling some 260 and carry out any necessary repairs including ironmongery replacement and glazing replacement as you would appreciate the system and fittings used and long since become obsolete in addition a large number of restrictors which are critical to the safety of the occupants of the building.


Following our survey it was evident that the situation will need some careful thought as the original fitting were no longer made and a suitable replacement could not be found.


Following extensive development it was agreed that replacement fitting would need to be made not only to fulfil the listed buildings status but also to fit the existing window sections.


A design was formed and sent to a local laser cutting company situated in Thurrock who produced the components required and then sent to a engineering company in Chelmsford who normally produces air craft components to clean and assemble the parts into a working unit.


In addition following extensive investigations a company was sourced in Northumberland who had a small number of window catches in left hand only we duly purchased all the parts thay could provide and used them in the repairs.


In total over 400 window fittings were replaced and we carried out reglazing works to over 30 flats from the first to the 13 floors all while the residents were in occupation with the minimum of fuss and inconvenience to the residents.
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Glorcroft, building contractor in Essex. Brooke House